Max is Now a Walker with Crawling Habits

I can type pretty fast. ¬†I had two typing classes in high school and no, I wasn’t required to take the same class twice. ūüôā One thing I always remember the teacher saying was to not look at our hands. ¬†Most of us continued to look at our hands anyway. ¬†That was why I got so fast. ¬†It was easier than trying to type without looking at my hands. ¬†Recently I discovered that I can type pretty quit without looking. ¬†After years and years of typing I guess I memorized where the keys were at.

In a similar way Max can walk but still crawls quite a bit. ¬†Why? ¬†It’s just quicker than walking at the moment. ¬†He waddles around when he walks, trying to keep his balance. ¬†When he crawls he does so at lightening speed… for a toddler.

Max can walk! ¬†Needles to say we are proud parents! ¬†He’ll quit crawling when he is ready. ¬†Now if he makes it to his 10th birthday and is still crawling most of the time I might have to take extra measures. ūüėź

Make sure to click any of the photos to open the gallery. ¬†Wouldn’t want you to miss any of Max’s smiles!

Max at 17 months