I am so excited!  David and I headed for the Foreign Affairs office here Peine.  They sent us a letter recently telling us when they would be open to take us.  I could not understand the whole letter so I tried Google Translate to see if it could help me.  All I got was that we could come in this week and pay for our visas.  So this left David and I questioning if we could only pay for it and wait longer for something else to happen until we could receive our visas.  Also we did not know if we could do it by ourselves or if we needed a friend’s assistance to speak in German.  Well, we had not time to wait to figure things out.  Our chance was to go to the office today.  So we did.

We went to the office and saw there was a small line so we waited.  Then we were thankful we got there when we did because the line got longer and longer.  Soon it was our turn.  We went inside the small office.  When I say small I mean so small David and I could barely fit in this little compartment together to even get the door closed.  Then we spoke to a nice man on the other side of the glass.  He took our passports and the letter we received from them in the mail.  Then he said something.

David looked at me and said,  “Did you catch that?”

I said, “Yeah, he wants us to wait outside so he could work on something.”  I was thinking to myself did he really say that or am I guessing.

And David was like, “Wow. You understood all of that.”

I said, “Well, to be honest I am only assuming that’s what he said.” Anyway, we both understood that he wanted us to leave.  We waited outside the office contemplating lunch and talking about other menial things until it hit us.  Should we double check and make sure we understood him right; I mean he does have our passports.  So after a while I gathered up the courage to go back to the office and double check.  Sure enough, I guessed right.  So we waited.

Next we knew he came out and told us to go pay for our visas in a different area and then come back.  So we did.  When we came back, he showed me these pictures glued onto two of my passport pages.  He was telling me that this was the visa.  It had my picture and lots of written information.  It was very colorful.  When everything was finished I could not believe my eyes.  So I asked again, “Is this everything?”  He assured me that we were finished until next year then we would apply again.  I couldn’t believe it – my first visa ever.  We have been waiting for this day since 2005 when we tried this on our internship.  So the days of waiting for a visa are OVER, until next year at least!