Softball in Germany?

Who would have thought Germans played softball? Okay, so maybe it is a game put on by German and American friends just having a good time together.  There were a lot of people that showed up on that June day 2010.  It seemed hot, but to my amazement later that was the nice weather.  There was a game scheduled earlier, but it was too cold and rainy.  Now it is July, 90 degrees F, and no air-conditioning.  It almost seems that German weather is a fickle pickle like it is in mid-west America.

So many people came that day that we had to split into 4 different teams: I believe they all had descriptive names like the young team, Peine team, Hildesheim team, and the OLD team.  And what do you know, I was part of the old team.  We had lots of fun.  They play softball a bit different.  For example, we played with no strikes because softball is still new to a lot of Germans, and really we are  not professionals here.  If I played by the rules, I would have got struck out and never made it onto any bases.

One group of teams played with bases, while the other group used car mats.  You do what you gotta do!  And we had plenty of bats until Craig Rapp broke one.  Just kidding, we did have plenty of bats.  But Craig really did break it.  Everyone wanted Craig to be on their team.  He was a tall guy from Texas that could swing the ball right out of the park.  And this happened to be Craig and Kyle‘s first day on their German LST trip.

So some people played.  Some people were supporters, cheering on the teams.  We all took breaks now and then to get rehydrated and munch on some homemade sweets.  But in the end, I believe we were all tired.  At least Dave and I were.  And to top it off we were on the losing team.  Good try OLD team, maybe next time.