A Man’s Guide To Being Sexy For His Wife: Clean The Kitchen

How To Melt Your Wife’s Heart

I wouldn’t have known unless I was told.  Cleaning the dishes actually, makes us more attractive to our wife.  Below is a step by step guide on how to be sexier for your wife by cleaning the kitchen.  Since this post is for men and I know how we hate to read instructions I have also provided pictures.

Clean The Kitchen

  1. Take pictures of what the kitchen looked like dirty.
  2. Soak pans with hot water and soap.
  3. Soak silverware.
  4. Stack dishes in categories: plates on bottom then little plates, then bowls.  This way you are only washing one type of dish at a time thus keeping motivation high.  It is the snowball effect of wiping out one item and heading to the next.
  5. Have a drink of eggnog, alcohol-free of course because we are cleaning SHARP utensils with HOT water!
  6. Begin to pre-wash dishes before setting them in the dishwasher.  If you have a dishwasher that requires no pre-wash then blessed art thou!
  7. Do some pushups to try and burn off those eggnog calories.
  8. After you have washed the rest of the dishes don’t forget to sanitize the counters!
  9. Add dishwasher soap to dishwasher and starter up.
  10. Take pictures of your finished product to show to wife.  You can eliminate picture taking and just do dishes in front of her.