Seven Blessed Years With My Favorite

David and Amanda Knapp
On your 18th birthday, I offered to innocently buy you an ice cream.  You said, “Noooooo.”  I bought it for you anyhow.  And that was that, after all, you were only 18 and I was almost 24, which means you were way too young for me.

But you never really left my mind.  I admired your heart from afar.  I fasted from women because I was sick of being let down.  I knew that I would like to get a good girl like you.

The next year I took time off from college, but thought about you from time to time.  For once in my life I was at peace.  I left the very thought of you in God’s hands.

That next fall I returned to Ozark Christian College.  I was sitting in the parking lot when I saw you walking with your friend.  Your smile made me like you even more.

I prayed right then and there that God would let me have you.  I wanted to marry you.  I had never prayed about something so seriously in my life.

The next day while I was getting ready to leave my time at study skills you were beginning yours.  You asked me to church and I said yes.  Five months later, while at church, I asked you to marry me and you said yes.

On August 14, 2004 I was required to get dressed in my tux five hours in advance.  That’s okay because at the end of the day I received my bride.  I love my bride…

I love you my sugar bean, dear, darling, honey, My Favorite!

I pray that God will grant me enough time to live a full life with you.

Your Lucky Only,


David Knapp

David Knapp

David lives in Stederdorf, Germany with his wife Amanda and their boy Max. His ministry is the follow up work with the Let's Start Talking program where he reads the Bible with others in a one-with-one setting.
David Knapp

6 Comments on Seven Blessed Years With My Favorite

  1. Andrea says:

    *sniff* Where are my tissues?!
    You really are a very sweet couple and I wish you both a lot of happiness and love for all the upcoming years :)!

  2. Amanda Knapp says:

    Thank you Babe! This is the nicest thing, I think, that you have ever said to me. I love you!

  3. KarlPMitchell says:

    Aww shucks. Who could say no to a poet like that?

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