Scotland in Peine, Germany

At the beginning of May, Amanda and I went to Scotland… well, Scotland in Peine, Germany.  Each year Peine has a Highland Gathering on the first two days in May.

On Saturday one can go listen to Scottish music and on Sunday one can see the Highland Games.  We unfortunately only went on Saturday.

The Kilt – Skirt Controversy

Is it called a skirt or is it called a kilt?  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Kilt translated into German is Schottenrock.  Schotten means Scottish and rock means skirt!  So it is a Scottish skirt.

The video is not of great quality because we only took our camera and not the video camera but the music sounds nice.  Next year our goal is to go both days and take lots of pictures and get some good quality videos to share with you.

Scotland in Peine, Germany from David & Amanda Knapp on Vimeo.