Schützenfest in Stederdorf, Germany

Schützenfest is like a carnival with several parades that last over an entire weekend. I believe the festivities started on Friday morning and lasted until basically Monday night. Schützenfest is celebrated in everyone town; this happened to be our weekend.

It is a gathering of marksmen. We saw men with uniforms decorated with several medals. We decided to go to the fest Saturday night about 10PM.

There was a tent with lots of people waiting for a concert drinking beer, bumper cars, booths to shoot targets and win a prize, and of course booths to buy food. There were lots of people and loud music.

We had our fill of the Schützenfest after about 30 minutes of walking around. There were several parades at different times each day, so needless to say the whole weekend was filled with loud fun for everyone.

amanda Schützenfest in Stederdorf, Germany

Amanda Knapp

Amanda lives in Stederdorf, Germany with her husband David and their boy Max. She and her husband are enjoying the journey of raising Max in the way he should go (Proverbs 22:6). Her ministry is the follow up work with the Let's Start Talking program where she reads the Bible with others in a one-with-one setting.
amanda Schützenfest in Stederdorf, Germany


David and Amanda Knapp are cross-cultural workers in Peine, Germany. Their ministry is follow-up work with the Let's Start Talking program.
Okay folks, I haven't posted very many photos of Max lately. Here a few of the lad that I don't think I have... - 3 days ago
amanda Schützenfest in Stederdorf, Germany

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