Odds and Ends 2010 Series

Amanda and I arrived in Peine, Germany, May 2010.  Needless to say our heads were spinning with trying to settle in.  We were able to take a ton of photos along the way.  But I never had time to put them on our site to share with you.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to share these photos with you.  I thought maybe you wouldn’t want to see photos from a year ago but why wouldn’t you?  The photos are still new for you and since this is the case I have decided to share them in the Odds and Ends 2010 series.

This will be the landing page for all 6 posts.  Check back here for more photos:

  1. Late Summer Ride by German Cornfields
  2. David and Amanda Knapp’s 6th Anniversary
  3. German Children’s Circus
  4. See Ya Later Brett and Heather Seybold
  5. Wintry Mix in Peine, Germany
  6. Smelser’s Großer Garten