My White Asparagus Story

When I had my first encounter with white asparagus, we were on the road. We drove by these fields that were covered with some kind of tarps. I asked my friend what was growing underneath. I found out is was albino asparagus.

Well, I knew that white asparagus was a delicacy here in Germany and everyone has to try it. I thought, this is our third time to Germany. It is time to try the white asparagus.

So a friend helped me buy some, and taught me how to use it. First I learned that you must peel it. This was new for me because I have never peeled green asparagus before. Then you boil it until it is soft.

Well, I did not like it. I thought, maybe I over-cooked it because it seemed mushy to me. So I tried cooking it again with it’s favorite accomplice Hollandaise sauce, which is basically like lots of butter. The sauce was awesome, but I still did not like the asparagus. Well, third time’s a charm, right?

So I took a bite of it from a friend’s dish at a restaurant. It was okay – definitely better at a restaurant. So from this experiment I learned that I don’t really like white asparagus no matter how many times I try it.