My First Country Concert

My first country concert was in Germany in a town called Gadenstedt. Not quite what an American thinks of when we go to a country concert in America.   We met at someone’s home for the concert. It was actually a nice size area where people could sit and listen to the music or go inside to buy some drinks. This house used to be a workshop for a man who made wagon wheels. This trade was passed down through the generations until there was no need for it anymore. But the same family still lives in this house. We met the owner of the house and her sister. Craig Rapp went with us for this unique experience. He is so outgoing that he met some of the nephews related to the owner of the house. They were interested in Craig and practicing their English with him.

The night went on. Americans are not used to how long some things last in Germany. We made it to the concert at 6PM and left after 11PM. It was a long night of listening to not only country music but other genres as well. We heard some Johnny Cash songs, Elvis, Rolling Stones, and others. The band did a pretty good job. I thought you might be able to pick out there German accent in the songs, but they did pretty good covering it up. They also play in America. My friend told me that Americans know the lead singer as “Herman the German.”

Well, we enjoyed our night of music and mingling, and slept in the next day.