Moving in 2012

The apartment we were living in didn’t have a room for a baby, plus the house is for sale.  So to make sure we have a place to live, a place for the baby, and peace of mind that we have a home ready before the baby comes – We MOVED!  We moved from Peine to Stederdorf, which is closer to the church where we work.  We moved on September 29, 2012, my Mom’s Birthday.

Well, it was a bit too busy for pictures on moving day.  I just never got around to it.  But here are some pictures of us moving into our new apartment.  These are of our kitchen.  Remember kitchens in Germany do not normally come with anything in them.  So we brought our kitchen from the last apartment with us.  Well, it does not fit like it did in the last place so some changes will have to be made.  As you can see the bright orange wall has a huge piece of wall not covered by wallpaper, so I am taking down the paper.