Mexican Train Weltmeisterschaft

So I have played Mexican Train before in Germany, but this was David’s first time while we were at Crescent, OK.  Mexican Train is a really fun domino game and it can seem like it lasts forever if you use all the dominoes (up to twelve dots on one side).

First of all we played it at Phyllis’ house.  She made and extremely delicious supper.  I have to say that she must love to cook and bake because before we left she gave us a loaf of homemade bread —Yummmm it was so good!

Well, you can see that we also played with Keith (Pastor of FCC in Crescent, OK) and Debbie.  Keith said that he just had to beat us at that game so he went and bought one of his own, well, and so did we!  Well, Keith and Debbie both beat us.  But they don’t know that we have been practicing getting ready for our next match!