Max’s First Visit to a Zoo!

okc zoo
We took Max for his first zoo visit to the OKC Zoo for his birthday.  We walked 4 miles over 4 hours, seriously, I kept track with my Timex.

Max liked walking in the Bamboo, riding the train and playing on the playground.

We walked around a corner and saw a tiger standing 2 feet away from us.  Thank God there was a chain-link fence separating us.

The most interesting part was witnessing a silverback gorilla chasing/swatting a gorilla mother and her baby.  It was right in front of us and I think our eyes about popped out because it caught us off guard and they were really loud.  A zoo employ eating his lunch mentioned to us that what was happening was normal.

I just kept thinking that if this was an episode of Cops the silverback would have been taken away in cuffs.

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