Maximus Allen Knapp

At 5am I  woke up for a bit and Amanda told me her water broke.  We did what any expecting parents would do… we went back to sleep. 🙂

Sometime between 8am and 9am Amanda started to experience pain.  We went to the hospital a little after 12.  From the time her water broke until Max came out it only took 9 1/2 hours!

At 2:38pm Maximus Allen Knapp was born!

He weighs 3.3 kilos or 7.28 pounds and is 48 cm or 18.90 inches long.

I am really proud of Amanda.  She had Max without the assistance of pain medication like she determined.  Right now Amanda and Max are at the hospital and will stay there until Monday.  Tomorrow she will move to a family room where I will be able to stay with her through the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Amanda, Max, and myself.  🙂