7 Months of Max and Counting

Lately Max has been full of smiles and I think this is due to his mom working with him.  She is doing an awesome job of keeping him on a schedule.

One of the things we are discovering about Max is that 9 times of 10 he actually likes going to his bed for a nap.  Amanda has made me a big believer in structure.

Max, a Work in Progress

Here are some of the things he has recently started doing:

  • He eats the meals that we all eat but in smaller portions.
  • He likes to sway back and forth.  I think he is dancing.
  • More aware of his surroundings.  He knows when his favorite person isn’t in the room.
  • He is beginning to play by himself.
  • His balance is increasing.

Which is your favorite photo of Max?  Share in the comments.