Wow, God, how did You know we needed a living room?

God takes care of you no matter what! I have to keep reminding myself of that all the time. I try to do everything myself, and it just gets me into trouble sometimes. Well, living life as a missionary helps with this issue if anyone else is struggling. As a missionary I have to lean on God for everything especially our income. This might sound funny, but it is really hard to rely on God for money instead of working the normal leave your house 8-5 job. God uses people like you to help us and I am so thankful for that!

Well, anyhoo, Katy met a couple through her English class. This couple was looking for someone to buy a living room set off of them. Long story short, their daughter-in-law’s father passed away leaving behind this gorgeous furniture. No one seemed to want it. In Germany, you do not have garage sales, you pay to stick junk out by the road and people who are interested come and pick it up. Well, this furniture was too nice for that, so this couple was looking around. Katy told them that we were coming and might be interested.

Well, time passed. David and I arrived and I went with Katy to check out this mysterious furniture. When I saw it, I was shocked at how gorgeous it was. If I went to the store to pick out furniture I couldn’t have done it better. The best part was that this couple started doing English lessons with us in the Luke workbook through LST. They were so nice to sell it all to us for only 100 Euros ($ 125)!!! I don’t have pictures of the chairs because they are hidden away until we can get our own place, but here is a picture of our new sofa. There is also a picture of a few crazy monkeys hanging out in our room.

So thank you to all our friends who helped us receive this furniture – there are a lot of them. And thank you God for orchestrating it all so that we now have a living room!!!!