Kleines Fest im Großen Garten 2011 (photos)


David and I went to Hannover to the Herrenhäuser Gärten with our friends Olaf, Petra, and their daughter.  It was amazing!  The garten invites entertainers from all over the world.

First we watched Teatro dei Piedi, which is theater with feet in Italian.  The woman did a wonderful job using her entire body really when she acted out the skit to music.

Then we went to see the magician and Anhui acrobats with our friends.  First was the German magician Xavier Tapias.  He used magic in an unusual way.  I have never before seen a magician use electronics.  He put together a robot out of trash and made it walk.

Next we saw the Anhui acrobats.  Anhui is a province in China.  The Chinese acrobats did several different things.  First we saw a man wiggle his way through a tight tube.  A woman came out with spinning plates on a flexible pole.

Another woman balanced several different things on her chin.  The last of the Chinese acrobats came out in a very cool outfit with a mask.  It was so cool because he would change his mask so fast that we could never tell how he did it.  He probably went through 10 masks before we saw his face.

We also saw an American comedian, Rob Torres.  He was so funny.  His comedy routine reminded us of Mr. Bean’s humor.  Then we saw a comedic magician with his assistant, Scott and Muriel.  They were a funny pair.

Afterwards we walked around to see what other interesting things were happening.  We saw people on stilts all dressed up.  Then at the very end we saw the fireworks.  I believe they were the best fireworks I have ever seen.

They were beautiful accompanied with classical music.  It was an absolutely wonderful evening.  I am just sad that we did not get any pictures of our friends while we were there.  Thank you Olaf and Petra for inviting us to such a wonderful event.  It was so much fun!

To see the fireworks please check out David’s post Kleines Fest im Großen Garten 2011 (video).