Germany won Eurovision 2010


Yea for Germany!!!!

Eurovision is a very popular song contest in Europe.  Before the actual competition there are several opportunities for Europeans to win a song contest in their own country.  I think similar to American Idol – the way they perform in front of judges and show the great and the absolutely ridiculous competitors.

Anyway, Lena won the German competition in order to go on to Eurovision.  Well, there are many countries that tryout for Eurovision.  Some of the countries aren’t technically considered Europe, but it is all in fun so they join in on the festivities.

What I think is so cool about Eurovision is all the different countries coming together to have fun.  You see the great and the ridiculous competitors, but I think it is neat to watch the different cultures come out in their singing style.

Also they can pick which language they want to sing their song – it could be English, their native tongue, or some other language whatever they want.  So of course what you are watching is the best out of the best.

At the end, the countries vote (can’t vote for themselves) for several different performances by handing out a variety of points.  So needless to say whichever country has the most points wins.  Lena won with 246 points.  At times it was close, which makes everything more exciting, but closer to the end Germany had so many points no other country could surpass it.

This year Eurovision 2010 was located in Oslo, Norway, because the winner from last year was from Norway.  So Eurovision 2011 will be in Germany-how cool!!!