David and Amanda Knapp’s Furlough 2012

Furlough or Stateside Work

Our job actually takes place in two different countries.  We live and work in Peine, Germany but we also work in the United States.

In the Winter & Spring months of 2012 we will be visiting churches to share about our ministry that we do in Germany.

If you or your church would be interested in learning more about our ministry then please feel free to contact us!


David Knapp

David Knapp

David lives in Stederdorf, Germany with his wife Amanda and their boy Max. His ministry is the follow up work with the Let's Start Talking program where he reads the Bible with others in a one-with-one setting.
David Knapp


David and Amanda Knapp are cross-cultural workers in Peine, Germany. Their ministry is follow-up work with the Let's Start Talking program.
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David Knapp
David Knapp

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