First German Birthday Party

We were invited to our first German birthday party.  I think it is common in America when you are older that other people take notice of your birthday and throw you a birthday party.  Well, in Germany it is a bit different.  You throw your own party.  According to our experience, we were invited, and you are to bring a gift.

We arrived to a house full of friends, huge salad buffet, and grilling galore, however I don’t recall seeing a birthday cake.  All done by the birthday couple.  Our friends were celebrating their birthdays together.  I cannot imagine the price they had to pay for all that food.  There had to have been about 20 people there.  We all sat outside to chat and eat.  David and I were party poopers because we stayed until 10PM but had to go home-we were so tired.  I have no idea how long the birthday party lasted.  It was interesting to see the differences in other culture’s experiences.

P.s. I forgot to mention that I later on learned that there is no birthday cake like an American cake.  However, the birthday person has cake and coffee on the afternoon of his birthday with his family.  German cake is so good, but it is different that American cake.  Also another fun fact: Germans never celebrate their birthday early.  If it is not celebrated the day of, then you celebrate later.