English Church Service 2015

On June 28th we had our annual English church service at the Christusgemeinde.  I requested that we pray that 10 Let’s Start Talking readers attend the service.  God did not answer that prayer.

He did provide 10 guests though!  That is very successful.  There have been years where no guests or readers attend.

We are going through The Story right now and I preached on the younger part of David’s life.  I talked about how David had a heart after God’s and how we should too.

It was Matt and Michael’s (our first team) last day with us and Denise and Marrisa (our second team) first day.

We have one week of our LST project left.  I believe that I am going to have at least one person to follow up with this year, which is great.  Most years people sign up to read but then move on to the next thing after the project ends.

Our friend Marcel took the lovely pictures below.