David and Amanda Knapp’s Move To Peine, Germany

David and Amanda Knapp's Move to Germany from David & Amanda Knapp on Vimeo.

On May 2, Amanda and I left from Tulsa International Airport and eventually made it to Hannover, Germany on May 3rd. According to our schedule we had 3 layovers that ranged from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Our first flight landed us in Houston. We raced to our gate only to discover that our flight to Frankfurt was delayed. We were delayed for 2 hours. The terror alert being orange may have had something to do with it but really we are not sure because they didn’t give us a reason.

We landed in Frankfurt, Germany about the same time our next and last flight was taking off to Hannover, Germany. We were able to get rescheduled for a flight that was about 3 hours later.

We arrived in Hannover at around 6pm exhausted but happy!!

We hope you enjoy the video of our move to Peine, Germany!

Because of Jesus,

David and Amanda Knapp