Church Camp in Gemünden, Germany

I had a wonderful experience at my very first German camp in Gemünden, Germany. Gemünden is pretty close to Frankfurt. Susan Bratcher, works at our sister church in Hildesheim, and we were the cooks for the whole week. It was a kid’s camp with kids ages 10-15.  We had about 40 people total with a little over half of that being the kids. I spent most of my time in the kitchen cooking.

I really thought that by the time I would be home I would miss Dave (because he did not come) and I wouldn’t want to cook anymore. Well, I did really miss Dave. This was the first time that we had been separate for a week. But to my surprise when I got home I had so much fun cooking at camp that I went home and cooked and baked up a storm.

It was my first time to follow a recipe with German instructions and German measurements (milliliters and grams). When I had a problem understanding the German recipe, people were always eager to help and I got to use a scale to weigh my ingredients. It was fun!

Well, I was not in the kitchen ALL the time. I was able to play capture the flag with the kids and sit around the camp fire eating Stockbrot (pizza dough on a stick) and marshmallows. The most wonderful part was that I could make a big mess in the kitchen cooking and then the kids came in to clean the kitchen afterward, which was part of their camp duties. Wow! Sure wish I had this luxury at home!