Christmas Newsletter From The Knapps

Dear Friends & Family,

We just wanted to send you a Christmas Newsletter that sums up what has happened this past year.  First we will cover everything that has happened in the ministry of raising funds to Germany.  We have formally visited (gave our speech to) 5 churches this year including: Big Cabin Christian Church, Colony Christian Church, Savonburg Evangelical Covenant Church, Inola Christian Church, and Ambassador Christian Church of Chanute.  And 2 churches we surprised visited to see old friends.  A big THANK YOU to those churches that allowed us to share with them and for all the support they have given us.  We hope to get invited by many other churches this next year!

As of today you have helped us raise over $21,000 for our one-time goal.  We are so excited about this!  It will really help a lot.  Our monthly support is what is most important and you have helped us raise roughly $1,080.  The monthly support is such an important commitment because that is what will keep us living in Germany, but it is the hardest.  We understand how hard it is to commit to giving a missionary a certain amount.  Just this past year David and I decided to try and support 3 of our missionary friends and the church we are currently attending.  The only reason I want to say this is because we do understand how hard it is to give, to remember to give, and what to give to.  It took us a  while to decide who and what we wanted to give to because there are people asking from every direction to give.  So lastly, we understand, but we also cannot leave for Germany until we reach our $2,600 commitment according to our Mentor Missionaries Randy & Katy Smelser.  We have approximately 2 churches and 7 individuals/families that have committed to the German ministry.  THANK YOU!!!

Phewwww!! Now after that deep moment let’s turn to a lighter discussion.  We want to tell you a little bit about what we are involved in here in the States.  David is working on our Germany projects.  He preached at a revival in the beginning of November.  I am still working with the Joplin R-VII School District with the Special Ed. Preschoolers.  On Wednesday nights, we help a friend of mine by babysitting her 4 year old autistic foster child.  Funny little side note – We have learned to put everything out of reach or it gets broken!  This coming week David and I will be earning a little extra Christmas income by doing some traffic directing for the Living Christmas Tree (a wonderful Christmas performance put on by Ozark Christian College).  And like everyone else I am sure, we are scrambling for the holidays going somewhere every weekend this next month and baking like crazy.  When we are not visiting a church we are attending a wonderful church here in Joplin called Mt. Hope Church of Christ.

Well, I think that about sums up –  in the life of the Knapp’s in 2009.  I know there are lots of people that we have not seen recently so please send a letter of what’s going on in your life; we are interested in keeping in contact with all our friends.  It is so very hard to stay in contact with all the people you know, but a Christmas newsletter seems perfect to sum up the whole year.  So, I hope to hear from you and if we don’t see you we hope you had a great Thanksgiving, have a wonderful Christmas, and look forward to a spectacular New Year!

Because of Jesus,

The Knapp’s