Children’s Circus in Germany

[This is part of the Odds and Ends 2010 series.  Go check out the other posts!]

With the circus in town, the school in Hämelerwald put on a spectacular show.  Hämelerwald is a small town close to Peine where we live.  The kids learned very quickly how to do some stunts and it was fun and impressive.  I am sure that the kids had fun too.

David and I were invited by a couple of friends from our English program (LST).  We sat with Vanessa while Sabine was one of those sponsor parents that made the show as great as it was.

Sabine was the one that I would zoom in on from time to time.  At the end you can hear the audience yelling, “Zugabe.”  This is encore in German.   Great job everyone!

Children's Circus in Germany from David & Amanda Knapp on Vimeo.