Baby #2: Ultrasound Pics

Just like last time, we didn’t want to know if this baby was going to be a boy or girl. We have a picture of just an arm because this kiddo was not willing to show it’s face. But this last time was perfect – we got 2 good pics!

We have been having fun with Max, always asking him if he wants a brother or sister, boy or girl, or Alex or Olivia. It has been funny to see what he would always say, but he would always pick the feminine option no matter how much we tried to trick him. But at the beginning of the pregnancy, he would always say cookie.

While at the doctor, Daddy would explain the different parts of baby that he and Max would see while the doctor explained everything to Momma. Now towards the end of the pregnancy we hear the heartbeat quite often through a machine at the doctor’s office. Max is always fascinated. Sometimes baby will move and it makes a loud noise on the machine. I always tell Max that baby is moving and talking to us. So we always say Hi back.

Every time that we go to the doctor we hear good news. The due date was originally July 4, but then it started changing toward the end of the pregnancy. A couple of weeks ago the computer said that July 8 would be the new due date, but today the doctor measured the head and said that it got really wide very quickly in the last couple of weeks. So that affected the due date this time drastically. Today the computer said June 26.

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