Baby #2: Baby Belly Pics

Well, there must be something in the water in America because again we got pregnant while on furlough.

At the beginning of the pregnancy I struggled with some nausea, but that didn’t last long. This pregnancy is different than last time. I feel like I just eat and eat and eat a ton. Maybe I can’t remember too well since last time, but I think this baby is more active or pushes harder than Max did. Sometimes I feel like the baby is going to push it’s way right out of my belly.

I have noticed that with this pregnancy I have had more pain especially here at the end of the pregnancy. I notice that I need to rest and lay down a lot, but I think that has to do with running after a 2 1/2 year old all day.

Every night we talk to baby.  And it is so cute to watch Max.  At first I think it was awkward for him, but he has really warmed up to the idea.  He will tell baby everything that he has eaten and done that day.  He will tell baby that it should eat those things too.  He blows raspberries on my belly, and he has gotten very cuddly with my big baby belly.

With Max I had a baby shower. We played a game where everybody had to guess, by using yarn, how big my belly was. I kept the yarn, so I got it out today and put it around my belly. So far my baby belly is bigger this time than last time.

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