Missouri Outdoors

Pulled Muscle & Hiking Trail

Yesterday my wife and I went to the Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center in Joplin Missouri.  It started out a little cool and breezy.  Before we decided to finish it was beginning to get a little hot.  Earlier that morning I pulled a muscle in my back via brushing me teeth.

Don’t know how that happened but it did and the pulled muscle became worse as the day went on.  Walking on a trail didn’t seem to help but it was still fun & relaxing being out there with my wife letting my allergies flare up.  Here are some moments from our hour out there. *Update* I pulled a muscle in my back and not my bike. 🙂

amanda-knapp-shoal-creek-audubon-center-hiking-trail david-and-amanda-knapp-rocky-ledge-audobon-center david-and-amanda-knapp-shoal-creek david-knapp-audubon-center-hiking-trail david-knapp-shoal-creek-audubon-center-hiking-trail shoal-creek-audobon-center1 shoal-creek