Amanda’s German Garden Work

Leaf Me Alone

Nothing like a hard day’s work in the Smelser’s garden.  Ok, well it took me a lot longer than one day.  I really did enjoy working out in the garden, but I have to say the thing I hated the most was picking up all those leaves.  So I wished all the leaves would just go away and “leaf me alone.”

So it started out picking cherries off the cherry tree, raking up all the cherries when they fell on the ground, picking weeds, picking blackberries off the blackberry bush, making sure the roses were up to par, cutting the hedge, David and I raking the moss out of the ponds, David mowing the grass and trimming the courtyard bush, raking leaves over and over and over.

Yeah, I think that pretty much sums up our garden work.  It was fun, but I am glad it is over.