David’s Couch to 10k

Couch to 10kI have started running programs in the past and eventually I stop because I let life get in the way (excuses).

I have done the Couch to 5k program a couple of times.  This time I wanted something a little more challenging, so I went from the couch to a 10k in 13 weeks.

Last Saturday I ran my first ever 10k.  It wasn’t an official race but who cares.

I also kept track of my weight and I was able to drop from 76.8 kilos (169.32 lbs) to 73.8 kilos (162.70 lbs).

About 4 weeks ago we implemented a diet called Great Taste No Pain and since then I have dropped about 3 pounds.

Now I am starting a new training routine that will conditioning me for a half-marathon.

Here is a link to the training program I used to get me from the couch to 10k in 13 weeks.